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What's the easiest way to delete Local Folders? They're driving me nuts. I fiinally did get them to go away following instructions on the web,
but they keep coming back. I don't think I'm editing about:config

Yes, but it's not recommended. See

I've tried that - no luck.

Just to note: The instructions say to edit prefs.js, not about:config. When you say "I don't think I'm editing about:config correctly", were you referring to those instructions?

The instructions also mention about:config at the beginning.

Also be aware that if you create a new account, it will contain Local Folders.

I finally got it to stay gone by repeating the instructions several more times.
Just a suggestion.

I went through those hoops a long time ago, while I was still using Netscape and it took me a long time to get this to work to my liking. Eventually, I decided to live with those controversial local Folders.

As bookmarks in FF 3.xx today, Local Folders were then a very popular topic; lots of people did not understand why they are there, and as is the case for bookmarks in FF 3.xx today, others easily got offended when users remarked on the complexity.

I eventually decided to use Local Folders as a storage place for my Email Archives. This way, my archives are never far away when I need them, but they are not in the way when I don't need them, which is 99% of the time. Getting rid of Local Folders is satisfying, sure, but making the best use of them is probably a wiser course of action. My experience at least!


removing local folders may cause problems down the road, as other things may require them. For example, newsgroups use the local folders

I have personally set up my newsgroups to use a specific directory, as anybody can. Did you actually mean that, by default, newsgroup are set up to use Local Folders? If this is the case, then this would not be enough of a reason not to suppress local folders. I personally do not know of any imperative reason not to delete them, but I do know one can put them to good use.

As I said, I have learnt to live with them and make good use of them; I do not use them for any account, just for my email archives. This helps separating current emails from older ones, allows for segragate backups, and helps avoid the build-up of huge files that sometimes cause problems, especially in the Inbox.

Of course, this is only one way among others to use this feature.

John Doue
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