What is the proper method to restore your Seamonkey setup after a full disk reformat/OS re-install? I generally re-load my WinXP system once a year or so to get rid of all the file gunk I collect over time. For Seamonkey, I will save my full Mail folder, my bookmark file, my preference file, and my address books to a separate drive. After I reload WinXP, I'll re-install a fresh copy of Seamonkey.

If I start that fresh copy of SM, it wants me to step through the setup wizard, which I want to bypass and just start restore my existing account. Additionally, SM has support for multiple user preferences, but I have a single user system so I want to bypass this also.

(Q1) How can I restore my back-up files, select my account as the default (and only) account, and bypass the set-up wizard. (Q2) Am I missing any essential back-up files besides the ones I've listed above that could help facilitate this?

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