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Antman008 wrote:

What is the proper method to restore your Seamonkey setup after a full disk reformat/OS re-install? I generally re-load my WinXP system once a year or so to get rid of all the file gunk I collect over time. For Seamonkey, I will save my full Mail folder, my bookmark file, my preference file, and my address books to a separate drive. After I reload WinXP, I'll re-install a fresh copy of Seamonkey.

If I start that fresh copy of SM, it wants me to step through the setup wizard, which I want to bypass and just start restore my existing account. Additionally, SM has support for multiple user preferences, but I have a single user system so I want to bypass this also.

(Q1) How can I restore my back-up files, select my account as the default (and only) account, and bypass the set-up wizard. (Q2) Am I missing any essential back-up files besides the ones I've listed above that could help facilitate this?


you want to save your profile. This is where all your data, bookmarks, passwords, mail, etc, are kept. To find it, you can read this: and look around the site, as it will also tell you how to back it up and so forth.


Another option is Mox Backup to save all his profile data to his desktop, and from there copy to a memory stick, floppy, CD, or DVD. Then when he reinstalls his OS he can install SM and restore his save profile.

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