keith_w wrote:
I have rarely been able to forward a message I received to someone else, exactly as I received it.

In other words, as I have experienced it, if all I was forwarding was a full text message, with no embedded graphics or other non-ascii items, the message was forwarded without any problem.

However, if that message contained graphics of any kind, static or active, that the placement of which was critical to the accompanying text, it wouoldn't forward. I thought I could go to Message >Forward As >Inline but the resulting page shows the graphic position in the message body as a TEXT marker or link, not as the original graphic.

I could Save or Copy the graphic and attach it to the sent message, but that is not how it was sent to me. It was sent inline.

I want to be able to forward (pass it on) exactly as I received it.

Some assistance needed, please...

keith whaley

Mac OSX 10.5.6
SeaMonkey 1.1.16

Have you tried switching to HTML enabled and then forwarding?
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