On 04/12/09 08:16, Nobody wrote:
> Stanimir Stamenkov wrote:
>> Sat, 11 Apr 2009 11:01:28 -0700, /keith_w/:
>>> I want to be able to forward (pass it on) exactly as I received it.
>> Forward the original message as attachment, which is the default, if I 
>> recall correctly.
> Unfortunately, <as attachment> removes the opportunity to edit out any 
> extraneous addresses or headers.
> Recently, I started a fresh profile and re-built all my preferences. Now 
> when I forward mail, I do it as "in-line", carry out any editing, press 
> <send> then I get a prompt for <text only><html and text><html only> and 
> check the one I feel is appropriate for that occasion.
> Slightly off topic, but I read "somewhere" recently that it's considered 
> rude by a lot of e-mail users to receive messages in html.  I have one 
> small business I deal with occasionally that refuses to acknowledge any 
> message not as <text> only.

That's not a rule you can apply across the board. It depends on each user.
The best result is to provide something every user can be happy with. This
is possible using today's technology.

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