Rob Steinmetz wrote:

Moz Champion (Dan) wrote:
Rob Steinmetz wrote:
That is you download more than 39,897 messages the counter runs backwards?

It reads;

Downloading 1 of 40767
Downloading 1 of 40766
Downloading 1 of 40765

Until you get to 38,897 then it reads properly, except the maximum value is 39,897

I wonder if this is a server thing?

What counter? Where? Mail? Newsgroups?

I've never downloaded that many messages at one time

Forty thousand emails? At one time? Even with a dozen accounts it would take me over 6 months to get that many. So I haven't done any testing at all in this field, safe to say.

As of 2003, the 'average' email size was 59kb, so if your emails are anywhere near that average, thats over 2,350,00kb or 2,300mb or slightly more than 2 gigabytes

Maybe you should check your mail more often?

I would suggest that this 'cosmetic' issue affects very few as the requirements to even 'see' the issue or so very unique. I say 'cosmetic' as it does not seem to impact on actually getting the emails from your note, just that it counts backwards at very high numbers
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