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furthermore, there is a 2 gig limit for windows.
Perhaps that is the reason for the problem

That's a memory limit per application, not the file limit on the drive.
I don't think SM stores all mails into RAM at a time...?
no, each folder has a 2 gig limit:

uh interesting, does anyone know why this limit exists on windows?

Are you interested by initiating a very large thread ? :-)

You may read this:

sry, but things mentioned there are partially garbage and somehow unrelated in my eyes. @unrelated: SM is not written in VB and shouldn't suffer from it's short-comings. @garbage: afaik FAT32 supports file sizes up to 4GB, not only 2 as mentioned there. That's why I am wondering about a 2GB limit. I would have expected it to be 4GB, that's why I am asking. (no I don't need a long thread (hopefully) ;-) ) (What if I would be so crazy and run SM on linux from FAT32-partition? I would run into the same trouble I guess...? So it's not a windows-issue after all but a problem with the file-system from my point of knowledge/understanding. Therefor I wanted to make things clearer to me)
thanks in advance

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