On 05/02/09 17:07, Daniel wrote:
> DoctorBill wrote:
>> What is the difference between whatever.com vs whatever.com/ when you 
>> type them into the Location bar?
>> Is one faster than the other or difference in where it goes...?
>> Just curious.
>> DoctorBill
> DoctorBill, part of your answer may be that when you put whatever.com 
> into your location bar, SeaMonkey actually goes looking for a file 
> called index.html (which is the file, as I understand it, that sets out 
> the layout of the page) at whatever.com, whereas if you entered 
> whatever.com/, it would go looking for an index.html at a sub-level of 
> the main site.

Are you sure about that? I think you'll find that SeaMonkey requests just
what was asked for, and the *server* decides what to send by default.

It's actually up to the server to decide the difference.

> How about comparing it to putting a letter in the mail box of a 
> building/street address (1596 First St), compared to putting it in the 
> mail box of a company on a floor of the building (10th Fl, 1596 First St).
> Something like that.
> Daniel
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