Mark Hansen wrote:
On 05/02/09 17:07, Daniel wrote:
DoctorBill wrote:
What is the difference between vs when you type them into the Location bar?

Is one faster than the other or difference in where it goes...?

Just curious.

DoctorBill, part of your answer may be that when you put into your location bar, SeaMonkey actually goes looking for a file called index.html (which is the file, as I understand it, that sets out the layout of the page) at, whereas if you entered, it would go looking for an index.html at a sub-level of the main site.

Are you sure about that? I think you'll find that SeaMonkey requests just
what was asked for, and the *server* decides what to send by default.

It's actually up to the server to decide the difference.

No, I am not sure, it's just that when I set up my website, that's the file my ISP told me to set up.

I suppose others might do it differently.

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