Daniel wrote:
DoctorBill wrote:
What is the difference between whatever.com vs whatever.com/ when you type them into the Location bar?

Is one faster than the other or difference in where it goes...?

Just curious.


DoctorBill, part of your answer may be that when you put whatever.com into your location bar, SeaMonkey actually goes looking for a file called index.html (which is the file, as I understand it, that sets out the layout of the page) at whatever.com, whereas if you entered whatever.com/, it would go looking for an index.html at a sub-level of the main site.

How about comparing it to putting a letter in the mail box of a building/street address (1596 First St), compared to putting it in the mail box of a company on a floor of the building (10th Fl, 1596 First St).

Something like that.


So if I wanted to go to my online Bank for instance, it would always be better to type in mybank.com/ than to put in mybank.com w/o the forwardslash - i.e. I would get the site to show up faster maybe?

Is it worth anything at all to remember to put the forwardslash in the location bar ?

Some links (say on products like cobyusa.com) show without the slash, while others show a link with it.

I always wondered if I'd get different results w/o versus with.
Yes....I could always "experiment".....but I always seem to be in a hurry.

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