On 5/26/2009 4:14 AM, Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Gerald Ross wrote:
>> Haven't heard any discussion about SM2 lately. I'm ready anytime.
>> Before anyone gets their feathers ruffled, I'm not nagging or rushing
>> anybody. Just wondering.
> We need stable mail/news code to base our release on, and those parts 
> are largely in control of the Thunderbird team. As they have been 
> pushing out their Thunderbird 3 release recently, the same happened to 
> the mail/news stabilization points, which means that we need to postpone 
> the SeaMonkey 2 release as well.
> I hope we will have better estimations in terms of dates soon, but a 
> first Beta release of SeaMonkey 2 should be available within a few 
> weeks, the final release sometime this summer.
> Robert Kaiser

After the last beta, will there be release candidates before the final

Before Firefox, when the product was Mozilla Suite (or just Mozilla),
there were release candidates between beta and final.  While I don't
normally download nightlies, alphas, or betas through my dial-up
connection, I did download and install release candidates -- and
reported back if there were any problems.

David E. Ross

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