John Boyle wrote:
To Robert Kaiser: What if theThunderbird developers cannot get their act
together, until Christmas? :-\

Then Thunderbird is dead anyways, a number of people get laid off from Mozilla Messaging, and we will continue without them. From what I see going on there though, I don't think that will happen. The patch that has been pushing out their Beta 3 (and our Beta 1) is finally nearly ready to land from what I see - it may just match the download manager switch on our side in the time it goes in, and then we are both ready for a beta. :)

Both projects probably can need another, shorter, beta cycle after that, which for us will probably mean pulling in a few more things from Thunderbird development, like a version of that improved search capability they are adding for Beta 3 (yes, that's the patch that pushed it out).

Robert Kaiser
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