David Wilkinson wrote:
Moz Champion (Dan) wrote:
It takes too long? How would you know? You download it anyway.
When you 'see' a message in a newsgroup, regardless if it is written in HTML or plain text, it is still listed in the subject pane. If you choose to read it, it will be downloaded HTML and all.  So even if you don't read the HTML, you have already taken the time to download it anyway.

You are of course correct. But I can do my little bit for the world's bandwidth by composing *my* messages in plain text, and if I do that then it makes sense for me to view my incoming messages in plain text also.

But a couple of other reasons:

1. Many of my incoming (and outgoing) messages contain code, and I do not like viewing code in a variable width font. AFAICT, HTML messages are always displayed in a variable width font.

2. If I view my messages as plain text, then I *know* that I will not be the victim of _javascript_, web bugs, and other HTML trickery.

OTOH, there is no point in trying to view RSS feeds in plain text, because RSS feeds generally point to web pages. I am not afraid of HTML in RSS feeds, because these are web pages that I have voluntarily subscribed to.

Anyway, hence the desire to have the default display type configurable on a per server basis. The only explanation for the absence of such a feature might appear to be that the authors of SM2 are happy to use the HTML setting for everything, which surprises me.

Fortunately, it seems from the thread "Is there an allow_html_temp addon for SeaMonkey?" that the situation is improved in the latest nightly builds of SM2, though it falls short of being able to configure the default display setting on a per server basis.

FWIW, I will bet any mail any of you folks get from IE,regardless if you see it as plain text are HTML,if you will do the "View-Message or page source" and look and it will be sent as both--HTML and plain text. The message will be in the page twice .Once as plain text and 2nd as HTML. I have had folks try to send me "Just Plain text" but never have I seen it did with out the HTML tagging along.

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