David Wilkinson wrote:

2. If I view my messages as plain text, then I *know* that I will not be the
victim of javascript, web bugs, and other HTML trickery.

true, true...

Anyway, hence the desire to have the default display type configurable on a per
server basis. The only explanation for the absence of such a feature might
appear to be that the authors of SM2 are happy to use the HTML setting for
everything, which surprises me.

Fortunately, it seems from the thread "Is there an allow_html_temp addon for
SeaMonkey?" that the situation is improved in the latest nightly builds of SM2,
though it falls short of being able to configure the default display setting on
a per server basis.

Many settings have that shortcoming that they cannot be be set on a per-account basis too, e.g. one cannot choose the number of characters to wrap plain-text-messages independently (not even for news vs. mail)
Looks like there is pretty much room for improvements left there ;-)

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