Robert Kaiser a tapoté, le 30/05/2009 13:37:
Stéphane Grégoire wrote:
Le Fri, 29 May 2009 14:28:35 +0200, Robert Kaiser a écrit :

> Is this build from latest-comm-central or latest-comm-1.9.1? Or

It's the latest build (/pub/

latest-trunk doesn't have localized builds...

You mean <> ?
No sorry I didn't know this page before.

Yes, for localized builds you should always check that one is green for
your locale before you use it. We are working on a scheme where we can
make working builds (that are just not fully localized) when it's not
green, but we haven't got this working yet.

Robert Kaiser

Hi, I'm using 2.0b1pre (latest-comm-1.9.1-l10n) and it's now working :)

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