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I am using SM 1.1.14 and 1.1.17, and in the mail preferences, I have checked the option "Remember the last selected message". Sometimes I select a message in Junk folder by mistake and it is impossible to unselect it again. Whenever I open the Junk folder I get that selected message displayed, which is annoying: I use the three pane view and if no message in Junk folder is selected I can view the unread messages immediatly. When a message is selected, I have to switch to two-pane view or to move the scrollbar to be able to see headers of the new messages. Is there a way to unselect the selected message?


Select (click on) message in question. In Menu Bar: "Message/Mark/As Not Junk".
This is not what I mean. The message *is* Junk. The only thing I want is that it is not displayed when I move focus to Junk folder. If I mark it as non-junk, then the focus moves to another junk message, but I want that no junk message had the focus.


Why do you still have it in the junk folder??? If it is junk, delete it and see what happens.

I checked the option "Automatically delete junk mail older than 14 days" and I don't want to delete junk mail manually. The only thing I do with junk mail is that I check the new headers from time to time and mark them as read (with Ctrl+Shift+M). When new junk arrives I can see the new headers immediately. If I want to see certain message because I am not sure whether it is junk mail or not, I select its header in the header pane, and it gets displayed. It's not important whether I delete it, move it somewhere else or keep it untouched, because since now, there is a header line selected in the header pane, and when I return to Junk folder to check for new headers, the header pane shows me the selected header and its neighbours instead of the N last headers. Then I have to toggle to two-pane view or to scroll the header pane up and down to find the new headers, and this is what annoys me.

Well, I thought that more people would have this problem, but as I see, people don't even understand what the problem is (perhaps because of my awkward explanations). Anyway, no-one said "it's a known issue, I know how to do it", so let's close this thread, and I will learn how to live with this.

Thanks to all who tried to help me.

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