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I am using SM 1.1.14 and 1.1.17, and in the mail preferences, I have checked the option "Remember the last selected message". Sometimes I select a message in Junk folder by mistake and it is impossible to unselect it again. Whenever I open the Junk folder I get that selected message displayed, which is annoying: I use the three pane view and if no message in Junk folder is selected I can view the unread messages immediatly. When a message is selected, I have to switch to two-pane view or to move the scrollbar to be able to see headers of the new messages. Is there a way to unselect the selected message?



Select (click on) message in question. In Menu Bar: "Message/Mark/As Not Junk".

This is not what I mean. The message *is* Junk. The only thing I want is that it is not displayed when I move focus to Junk folder. If I mark it as non-junk, then the focus moves to another junk message, but I want that no junk message had the focus.

I have a similar practice of periodically checking the headers of unread Junk messages to make sure they're not legit, and marking them as read. I sort by "Status," which puts all the unread ones together regardless of date, and I do this with the reading pane disabled (just click the divider between the reading pane and the message list to open/close it) because I generally don't want to /open/ junk messages, just select and mark them.

But I don't have "remember the last selected message" enabled.

I would suggest that when you are about to do your review, you disable the "remember the last selected message" option, do your marking (and reading if necessary), and finish by selecting a message in a different folder and re-enabling the "remember the last selected message" option. That way, SeaMonkey will remember the legitimate message you just selected instead of a junk message.

I don't understand why you want that option enabled; it sounds bothersome. When I've read a message and not yet replied but I intend to, I mark it as unread so I'll notice it again later. I can see at a glance by which ones are bolded which ones I need to address. And SeaMonkey bolds the names of folders containing "unread" messages as well.

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