On 07/07/2009 06:41 PM, Ken Rudolph wrote:
> There's a site which keeps crashing Seamonkey 1.1.17 when I click on
> it, at least lately (it didn't used to happen).  The site doesn't
> hang when I use Firefox 3.0.11.  The site is:
> http://www.losangelesmovietimes.com/

Doesn't crash mine, but drives 1.1.17 (linux) into 100% cpu and I have
to kill SM 1.1.17. Works with SM 2.0b1pre.

On another machine (linux again), 1.1.17 just keeps doing a circular:
Transfering data from losangeles.mrmovietimes.com... & again drives the
cpu up to 100%.

Only add-on that I have installed in 1.1.17 is prefbar.
> Is this just my browser?  Or is there a problem with SM?
I'd say both the site and the browser.
> --Ken Rudolph

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