David E. Ross wrote:
On 7/7/2009 6:41 PM, Ken Rudolph wrote:
There's a site which keeps crashing Seamonkey 1.1.17 when I click on
it, at least lately (it didn't used to happen).  The site doesn't
hang when I use Firefox 3.0.11.  The site is:

On the SM Help menu there is a link to "Report Broken Web Site".
However when I click on that it wants to report the URL of the site
I'm on currently (my home page after restarting SM).  The window
which loads doesn't seem to allow editing the URL line to put in the
site which is crashing the browser.  And of course, when the browser
is hung, there is no way to click on the Help menu.  So, the Report
link is useless for sites which crash Seamonkey.  Isn't that a real bug?

I wish I could say this was an isolated incident.  But I'm finding
more and more sites which hang in SM lately.  Here's another:  Load
http://www.outfest.org/fest2009/ and then click on the "Buy Tickets
& Online Film Guide" on the left side menu.  Voila...hang.  Again,
it doesn't happen with Firefox or IE.

Is this just my browser?  Or is there a problem with SM?

--Ken Rudolph

The problem with <http://www.losangelesmovietimes.com/> appears to lie
within that Web page.  It has 212 HTML errors.

Spoofing Firefox with either
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:
      Gecko/2009021910 Firefox/3.0.7
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:
      Gecko/20090605 SeaMonkey/1.1.17, NOT Firefox/
did not help.  Thus, I don't think it's a sniffing problem.

I didn't try <http://www.outfest.org/fest2009/>.

All well and good; but the question is why is Seamonkey 1.1.17 so much less robust than Firefox? And furthermore, why is the "broken site" window so useless? Will SM 2.0 be more Foxy, at least?

--Ken Rudolph

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