Martin Feitag wrote:
Ken Rudolph schrieb:

These sites aren't exactly malware, being fairly typical of important
web resources. The fact that SM 1x can't handle them, despite their
deficiencies, is all the more reason that SM 2x is necessary. I'm not a
beta kinda user...when IS 2.0 release version actually scheduled for? It
is really needed NOW.

--Ken Rudolph

Sry but afaik there's only a BETA scheduled for now which is targeted around the 16th of July (so pretty soon, they're primarily waiting for the Thunderbird team to complete their latest TB beta of v3.0 because of being dependent on some code in there) Feel free to grab SM2.0alpha3 to test, it won't touch your existing SM and import all data to a new profile and is very stable, especially for an alpha version.


Even the thought of testing an "alpha" makes me shudder with angst. It seems to me that the news-mail part of SM 1x is not nearly so deficient and outdated as the browser portion. If it is Thunderbird 3 which is holding up SM 2x then maybe SM 2.0 should be released with a lesser mail client.

I guess I'm especially despondent because I've been a fanatical supporter of the "suite" browser concept since Netscape 0.8 and now I feel that nothing sufficiently modern is out there that I'm comfortable using. The SeaMonkey Project is in danger of becoming irrelevant if they keep dithering and waiting for utter perfection.

--Ken Rudolph
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