Brian Mailman schrieb:
Martin Feitag wrote:
Brian Mailman schrieb:
I downloaded the add-on mentioned recently that places an X on each tab
in order to close it with one click. I find that unlike IE the X is too
large and I keep closing a tab accidentally when I want to access it

I thought when I upgraded to SM 1.1.17 it would disappear (I've seen the
discussions about reinstalling add-ons,) but it didn't. How can I remove

I described how to remove Extensons in 1.1.x already today to
Charlene: h2t3kp$
(just one thread below yours ;-) )

btw: you can close tabs easily with a middle-mouse-click, too.


Now if only I had a middle mouse button....


it's probably your scroll wheel, which is clickable. There are not many mice without third button functionality out there any longer.


PS: I guess when SM" is out, your problem will be solved ;-)
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