Martin Feitag wrote:
Brian Mailman schrieb:
Martin Feitag wrote:
Brian Mailman schrieb:
I downloaded the add-on mentioned recently that places an X on each tab
in order to close it with one click. I find that unlike IE the X is too
large and I keep closing a tab accidentally when I want to access it

I thought when I upgraded to SM 1.1.17 it would disappear (I've seen the
discussions about reinstalling add-ons,) but it didn't. How can I remove

I described how to remove Extensons in 1.1.x already today to
Charlene: h2t3kp$
(just one thread below yours ;-) )

btw: you can close tabs easily with a middle-mouse-click, too.


Now if only I had a middle mouse button....

it's probably your scroll wheel, which is clickable. There are not many mice without third button functionality out there any longer.

Huh, just messing around with that, I pressed down on the wheel instead of just running my finger over it. I heard a distinct click!! And I see a circle with arrows pointing out appear on the screen (I do know that means a misclick, which is by definition a click). I've had this mouse for months now--if not over a year--and I never knew that.

As the Baba Rum Raisin (me in my more profound moments) says, "live and learn... and then ya learn some more."

Thanks! middle-mouse-click it is. It's been frustrating having windows I've wanted to switch to close instead.

PS: I guess when SM" is out, your problem will be solved ;-)

If the download manager is set to resume on stoppage, and if crossposted messages are marked as read after being seen once in News, and if it'll make the morning coffee I'll be a happy camper.

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