On Thu, 09 Jul 2009 20:53:12 +1000, Daniel wrote:
> Ken Rudolph wrote:
>> Martin Feitag wrote:
>>> PS: As said for an alpha it's very stable, don't compare it too much 
>>> with other alphas you might have tested, as the codebase is pretty 
>>> mature. Of course it's not recommended to replace SM1 with SM2 yet in 
>>> a productivity environment but having SM2 parallely doesn't harm and 
>>> keeps up the hope/interest ;-)
>> Hey, I tried to download SM 2.0a3 to test and my virus checker 
>> quarantined it saying it was a trojan or malware.  I have a feeling that 
>> it isn't such; but maybe I should wait at least for the beta? 
>> Incidentally, why does it trip the virus checker?  No Mozilla program 
>> has ever done that in the past.
>> --Ken Rudolph
> Hey, Ken, what virus checker do you use?? Microsoft's, maybe??

SeaMonkey 2.0 like Firefox 3.0/3/5 uses the UPX compressor to compress
the installer executable. Unfortunately so do a lot of malware. Most
antivirus programs blacklist UPX executables and then explicitly
whitelist certain legitimate software such as Firefox. For lesser known
software like SeaMonkey (and also Firefox/Minefield nightly builds) it
takes longer for said antivirus companies to take action.


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