Frog wrote:
I think I know what my problem is, but I don't know how to fix that problem. Suddenly, I am not able to access my Inbox. I believe that it finally reached the maximum size and will not open. The sent/trash/newsgroups etc. are all working normally.

Is there any way of opening the Inbox, so that I can unload some messages or are they all lost?

Thanks for your help.


Frog, what do you mean by "I am not able to access my Inbox"? When you open the mail portion of SM, do you get any error messages? When you click on your "Sent" box, then click on your "Inbox", what happens??

I think I read here somewhere that the size of the inbox in SM is only limited by the file size limits of your Operating System, which, in Windows, is something like 2 or 4 GByte.

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