Samuel S wrote:
When installing 2.0A1 beta I was asked which profile to transfer, I
tried to get them both and could not, so I chose my main profile to
install and not the others.

Thus, my question is still, how can I install the others without having
to re-invent the profiles etc.. it is possible that I have lost the
e-mails, book marks etc. associated with those profiles as well.

For a short description, create the other profile(s) with the profile manager in SeaMonkey 2.x and then call
seamonkey.exe -P <profilename> -migration
and select the correct profile for importing any other profile. (If you don't understand this, I'm sure someone's around here who can describe it in more detail - do we have a KB entry for it?)

There is no functionality for automatically importing more than one profile, but you can manually trigger it for the others.

Robert Kaiser
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