On 07/28/2009 03:19 PM, MN wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> But it looks like I'd be wrong (sorry I'm more familiar with linux
>> except for testing w/Windows), as it appears that 2.0ax overwrote your
>> 1.1.14 according to:
>> http://www.seamonkey-project.org/doc/2.0/install-and-uninstall
>> <quote>
>> Note:
>> Please note that installing SeaMonkey 2 will overwrite your existing
>> installation of SeaMonkey. You won't lose any of your bookmarks,
>> browsing history or mail and news messages, but some of your extensions
>> and other add-ons might not work until updates for them are made available.
>> </quote>
>> This is why I *always* install a test/alpha/beta/et al to a separate
>> location & don't know why 2.0 doesn't do this as default as well. I
>> though that previously it did.
>> So, check first to see if you still have any <somenumber>.slt files on
>> your system in C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application
>> Data\Mozilla\ & report back.
> I believe it means that it will over write any other installation of 
> Seamonkey 2.
> I installed 2.0b1 and it didn't harm my 1.1.17 install at all.

Thanks for the confirmation.
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