Hi - Can anyone advise a newbie to this support group, but reasonably
experienced SeaMonkey user.

I have used Bigfoot as an email forwarding/webmail service for a number
of years but am currently fed up with the amount of time that their
servers have been down recently.  I also have a number of ISP based
email accounts set up in SeaMonkey.

I have just signed up for a new email forwarding/webmail service and have set it up in the normal way on SeaMonkey and it works fine.

This will become my main public address in future. Accordingly I would like it at the top of my list of email accounts in the sidebar to the the main mail window. Currently it is at the bottom of the list, just above Local Folders.

Does anyone know how to move it up the list?  I have tried a few things
that work in other programs but nothing has worked so far.

All help appreciated.
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