Paul Hartman wrote:
On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 7:24 PM, Gerard Francomb<> wrote:
Arne wrote:
Open the "Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings" in Edit menu. Then click
on preferred mail account so it get highlighted. Then below the list of
accounts you have 3 buttons, one says "Set As Default". Click on that button
and then on OK.

The highlighted account should now move to the top of the list of
accounts, and also be in bold when you open the account settings next time.

Cheers - this has brought my new account to the top, but for some reason
Bigfoot has dropped down to the next to bottom.

I could understand it if it was next to top or indeed replaced the new one
at the bottom or indeed if everything other than the first one ended up in
alphabetical order.

I think that I will have a go at setting different ones as the default and
seeing what happens to the order.  I wonder if I could copyright this as a
new game to replace rubics cube?

Sounds more like Tower of Hanoi to me... :)

IMHO - No, it's trivial :-) hum hum

You have to fiddle inside the C:\Documents and Settings\[User-Name]\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\gt6bfqi6.slt\prefs.js when SM is not running.

(take a copy of your profile before)

all entries
with the one you want.
The same thing for all entries likes:

Be aware that this file begins with:
/* Do not edit this file.

You must examine carefully the changes you will make to fullfill your expectation.

I hope that's the only place to modify ...

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