Arne wrote:
Gerard Francomb wrote:

This will become my main public address in future. Accordingly I would like it at the top of my list of email accounts in the sidebar to the the main mail window. Currently it is at the bottom of the list, just above Local Folders.

Does anyone know how to move it up the list?  I have tried a few things
that work in other programs but nothing has worked so far.

Open the "Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings" in Edit menu. Then click on preferred mail account so it get highlighted. Then below the list of accounts you have 3 buttons, one says "Set As Default". Click on that button and then on OK.

The highlighted account should now move to the top of the list of accounts, and also be in bold when you open the account settings next time.

Cheers - this has brought my new account to the top, but for some reason Bigfoot has dropped down to the next to bottom.

I could understand it if it was next to top or indeed replaced the new one at the bottom or indeed if everything other than the first one ended up in alphabetical order.

I think that I will have a go at setting different ones as the default and seeing what happens to the order. I wonder if I could copyright this as a new game to replace rubics cube?

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