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> Hello.
> I use SeaMonkey v1.1.17 heavily and sometimes I use IE6 and Firefox when 
> the Web sites/pages doesn't work properly for whatever reasons and for 
> testings. I use IE View (http://ieview.mozdev.org/) extension for 
> launching Web pages from SeaMonkey. Is there one for Firefox too and 
> works on all OS' (Mac OS X 10.2.8, Debian/Linux, etc.)?
> Thank you in advance. :)

Actually, SeaMonkey and Firefox use the same rendering engine, called
Gecko, so what you want is not necessary.

If the page displays differently in SeaMonkey and Firefox, it most likely
due to a coding issue, where in the site developer is browser sniffing
for Firefox, rather than Gecko as they should.

Use can use the User Agent Switcher to tell SeaMonkey to "pretend" to
be any browser you like (including Firefox) to see if this is the case.
If your browser sends that it is Firefox and the site begins working,

Just do a search for User Agent Switcher (it's an add-on), then create
a user agent entry for Firefox (any version you like). Then you can
"switch" to it and browse to the web site.

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