On 8/9/2009 5:14 AM PT, Robert Kaiser typed:

What about Firefox v3? I don't use SeaMonkey v2 since it is still a
prerelease (I will wait until it goes final whenever that is).

You probably would need to embed a whole Firefox 3.x for doing that, and it's easier to just use SeaMonkey 2. IEView also works only because you already have a full IE installed on your system and that is used to actually display the page.

Even if Firefox v3 is installed?

SeaMonkey 2.0 is actually quite stable for a beta, but there are some smaller things that need to be fixed/polished and two larger features we want for final (tabbed mail and a new mac theme) still need to be done before we call it "final".

Are those things moving slowly? I hope we don't have to wait for months like we did with Mozilla v1.x days.
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