AFAIK, Amazon doesn't use Java. I know it uses Flash. Have you tried clearing caches, cookies, and history?

SeaMonkey v1.x does get slower and slower in Windows with longer uptimes in Windows XP SP2-3. I know it leaks memory for long uptime (have seen its peak go almost 1 GB!), many tabs (I can go crazy like 50+ tabs at once!), etc. Also, having many extensions (have almost 20!).

When I don't need to use SM, I do exit it to free up memory.

On 8/8/2009 6:21 PM PT, beebe typed:

Hi, I've been using SeaMonkey for years now on a Mac, and one
predictable thing happens when I haven't quit the suite for several
days--it becomes slower and slower to respond. Intuitively, I think it
has to do with Java-heavy sites like Amazon, but I don't really know.

Anyone have this same symptom, and can I expect it to be resolved in


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