On 08/08/2009 11:23 PM, Ant wrote:
> AFAIK, Amazon doesn't use Java. I know it uses Flash. Have you tried 
> clearing caches, cookies, and history?
> SeaMonkey v1.x does get slower and slower in Windows with longer uptimes 
> in Windows XP SP2-3. I know it leaks memory for long uptime (have seen 
> its peak go almost 1 GB!), many tabs (I can go crazy like 50+ tabs at 
> once!), etc. Also, having many extensions (have almost 20!).
> When I don't need to use SM, I do exit it to free up memory.

As Robert pointed out, SM 2.0 is considerably better. However, I'd
recommend that you install PrefBar:
Customize it to add the 'Clear Mem Cache' button and clear the memory
cache (and others) when you notice the problem. To add the button, you
can either click on the 'Customize' button, or use:
Edit|Preferences|Preferences Toolbar. Works in 1.1.x and 2.0x.

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