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Paul B. Gallagher schrieb:
With modern broadband connections, caching doesn't really speed up page
loading that much anymore the way it did in the dialup days.

If you define "broadband" like the German government, it's still an
important part of the browser for some people. ;-)

My minimal broadband connection lets me download 6 MB per minute unless I exceed 200 MB in a 24 hour period. If I do exceed 200 MB, the system throttles me back to low-end dial-up speeds (e.g., 26.4 kbps) for 25 hours or so as punishment for my greed. Only in the latter case do I notice any benefit from caching. Oh -- and in case of fat media files such as a 5 MB wmv that takes a minute to reload if not cached.

I have friends with real broadband connections that are much faster, and as soon as FIOS is available here, I'm gonna switch.

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