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> Hello again,
> I've just found an annoying issue with SM 2.0pre.
> Here the details: I've chosen Ixquick over a https connection as my
> default search engine.
> Ixquick provides a .spec file that works with the normal Firefox and SM
> specifications so that I can change the default search engine via the
> GUI drop down list box. So far, so good.
> However, if I use the location bar as searching bar by imputing the
> words I looking for, I still have Google as default search engine
> because this feature is pointing to "keywords.URL" rather than to
> "browser.search.defaulturl" in about:config.
> So far, I can change keyword.URL only by hand in about:config. Am I
> wrong or is it really so?
> If there is any other GUI option, does it worth to file a RFE?

afaik there is no such option in the GUI.
Also see:

If there's no such bug yet, feel free to file one.

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