NoOp wrote:
Works for me: 2.0b1 linux. Place the ixquick_seamon_en.src in the
/seamonkey/searchplugins folder. Note: I see you are using windows, so
your searchplugins folder will be in your 'Programs' directory where
seamonkey is installed.
Then: Edit|Preferences|Browser|Internet Search|Search using: lxquick
HTTPS - OK. Then in the URL bar enter: seamonkey
Search starts&  url bar changes to:
I get:
"43 unique top-ten pages selected from at least 136,999,162 matching

I've made no modifications in 'about:config'.

Pay attention: the Ixquick search plugin is listed in my case too and it works if, in the location bar, I type a word and then click on the "Search Ixquick for XYZ" item shown in the location bar drop down list that appears while typing.

However, it doesn't work if I type the search word and *press* the Enter key afterward. In fact, in this case, the search word is passed to the URL listed under keyword.URL in about:config that, as far as I can see, has no GUI option and is not tied to the default search engine.

It's not a big problem, because I've already found the URL with which I have filled keyword.URL <>
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