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Paul B. Gallagher wrote:
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Can SeaMonkey/1.1.17 save just the name part of a login but not the password? I have not been able to it to do that. It looks like all or nothing.


You might try this:

Enter the username and click "submit" or whatever the site's login button says; when SM prompts you to save form data, say yes. Since you haven't entered the password, it won't save what it doesn't know.

The site will reject your login, of course, but you can then retry with your manually entered password.

Have tried that.  I have to save both or neither.
IE6 (ugh) does either / both.

OK, well, then, lie to it. Save a good username and a bad password. Then when SM fills the form, correct it. If it prompts you to update the info, say no.

Sorry I don't have anything better. Lot of trouble to go to unless your username is hard to type.

Already tried that.  When the login server sees my bad log in attempt it
kicks me out. If I attempt to correct before log in, SM will either save all or none of my new log in.
Its not just one log in, its many.
IE can save many logins to many sites and many users and they have
only to enter their p/w.
Previous versions of SM were not able to save multiple form entries.
It looks like 1.1.17 has the same "bug".  Was hoping it was fixed.
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