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Martin Freitag wrote:
SM2.0 will have a new form-management. Feel free to test SM2.0 beta1
(it will migrate your profile to a new profile, so won't hurt your
SM1.1.17 if you install SM2 to another directory. Just start only one SM
at a time or google for "-no-remote" to find out on how to run both at
the same time, otherwise calling the other Seamonkey will only open a
window of the currently open one)

If you are running POP3 e-mail, be careful that you don't wind up
with SM2 stealing SM1's e-mail.  You might want to temporarily set
your account(s) to Leave messages on the server for some number of
days or indefinitely.  That way, both versions will have a chance
to get each message.   I'm guessing IMAP does not present this

Good point.  I use pop3.

To avoid this situation, once you feel comfortable enough with SM 2 beta, you simply have to point your mail settings to the same directory in both programs (Mail Account, Settings, Server Settings, Local Directory). Then, no need to check "leave on server".

Running both SM and TB, this is what I do to avoid any errors.

Just to be on the safe side, I do not run both programs at the same time.

John Doue
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