Rich Gray wrote:
Martin Freitag wrote:
SM2.0 will have a new form-management. Feel free to test SM2.0 beta1
(it will migrate your profile to a new profile, so won't hurt your
SM1.1.17 if you install SM2 to another directory. Just start only one SM
at a time or google for "-no-remote" to find out on how to run both at
the same time, otherwise calling the other Seamonkey will only open a
window of the currently open one)

If you are running POP3 e-mail, be careful that you don't wind up
with SM2 stealing SM1's e-mail.  You might want to temporarily set
your account(s) to Leave messages on the server for some number of
days or indefinitely.  That way, both versions will have a chance
to get each message.   I'm guessing IMAP does not present this

Good point.  I use pop3.
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