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> Already tried that.  When the login server sees my bad log in attempt it
> kicks me out.  If I attempt to correct before log in, SM will either
> save all or none of my new log in.
> Its not just one log in, its many.
> IE can save many logins to many sites and many users and they have
> only to enter their p/w.
> Previous versions of SM were not able to save multiple form entries.
> It looks like 1.1.17 has the same "bug".  Was hoping it was fixed.

SM is "clever", it knows when a login failed and therefore doesn't store
invalid login-data.
The SM1.1.x series only receives security updates, no new features
anymore. Development concentrates on SM2.0
SM2.0 will have a new form-management. Feel free to test SM2.0 beta1
(it will migrate your profile to a new profile, so won't hurt your
SM1.1.17 if you install SM2 to another directory. Just start only one SM
at a time or google for "-no-remote" to find out on how to run both at
the same time, otherwise calling the other Seamonkey will only open a
window of the currently open one)

When you start typing in a box in SM2 it will offer you all matching
possibilities. You can also double-click in an empty box to make it
offer all known entries in a drop-down-menu.


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