Phillip Jones wrote:
Hello, it been a while I vowed never to come back to this forum except to ask a question. I remain true to my vow. I am asking a question

I have a puzzle.

examine this page with SM 1.1.17:

Now use: SM 2, FF3.0/3.5, Omniweb, Opera or iCab.

In all of those All-in-ones and Web Browsers The page for me views as it should.

In SM 1.1.17

after the side text is shown then the main text shows about an inch to inch and a half wide.

On my SM 1.1.17, the body text shows up on the left side of the main
body, as a 3/4" wide vertical strip.

On the other hand, it renders perfectly in my FireFox v.3.5.2.

using the w3c validator, typing the link above shows numerous items needing correction and several warning. yet the other applications appear to load correctly. If you go to any links other than vacation, the pages work even on SM1.1.17.

Anyone have an explanation.

Sorry. Can't offer any remedy or explanation, but can confirm what you
have experienced...
I look forward to FF 2.0, but use none of the others you mentioned...
Nice to see you back again, even if it IS for a brief time...


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