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Stanimir Stamenkov wrote:
Sun, 30 Aug 2009 23:27:39 -0400, /Phillip Jones/:

examine this page with SM 1.1.17:

Now use: SM 2, FF3.0/3.5, Omniweb, Opera or iCab.

In all of those All-in-ones and Web Browsers The page for me views as it should.

It display as intended SeaMonkey 1.1.*, IMO. There's a weird table definition used to lay out the problem content:

<table class="MS_WH_ZoneRow">
    <td style="WIDTH: 1%"/>
    <td style="WIDTH: 10%">...</td>
    <td style="WIDTH: 89%"/>

Note the abbreviated empty-element XML syntax used is not compatible with the "text/html" type served, but what's really causing trouble is the second <td style="WIDTH: 10%">...</td> element which holds the main content. Why the author has chosen to specify 10% of the available space for the main content and 89% for its right margin is not clear to me. What we probably see with the more modern browsers is effect of the newer _non-normative_ automatic table layout [1] algorithm recommended just lately.

Yes. SM 1.1.16 honors the idiotic setting and hides most of the content, as the author seems to intend.

Thanks all for the comments. My question has been settled. I will step out of the Forum again.

Phillip M. Jones, C.E.T.    "If it's Fixed, Don't Break it" 
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