Stanimir Stamenkov wrote:
Mon, 31 Aug 2009 17:33:08 +0300, /Stanimir Stamenkov/:
Sun, 30 Aug 2009 23:27:39 -0400, /Phillip Jones/:

examine this page with SM 1.1.17:

Now use: SM 2, FF3.0/3.5, Omniweb, Opera or iCab.

In all of those All-in-ones and Web Browsers The page for me views as it should.

It display as intended SeaMonkey 1.1.*, IMO. There's a weird table definition used to lay out the problem content:

<table class="MS_WH_ZoneRow">
    <td style="WIDTH: 1%"/>
    <td style="WIDTH: 10%">...</td>
    <td style="WIDTH: 89%"/>

You may workaround the obvious authoring error by applying the following user style:

@-moz-document url-prefix("";) {
  td.MS_WH_ZoneSpacing { width: 1% !important; }
  td.MS_WH_ZoneSpacing + td { width: 98% !important; }

You can place it in your "userContent.css" or apply it using the Stylish <> extension.

Thanks it works.

Phillip M. Jones, C.E.T.    "If it's Fixed, Don't Break it" 
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