With Win7 not having a built-in email and newsgroup client (Outhouse Express 
is what I've been using), I am hunting for new client.  So I'm a complete 
n00b to SeaMonkey, and decided to take the plunge to 2.x version straight 
off.  I'm very much liking what I see so far.

I have also run into quite a few things with which I need help, 
clarification, or guidance in filing a bug report, depending on where the 
problem lies (n00b or SM2.x :-)   ).   I have searched this group and the 
online help, as well as the bug tracker, and haven't found the answers I 

Here is a summary of the items I've run into.  Please let me know if you can 
help me and/or direct me where I should be looking, for help with each item, 
thank you!

1.  VirusTotal service scan reports of SM installers (1.x stable and 2.x 
beta).  Six out of 41 scanners report a downloader trojan.  I assume this is 
from inclusion of a 'downloader helper' but it would be nice to see this in 
writing someplace official, that there is no cause for concern here.

2.  Newgroup using security certificate, SSL, and port 443.  Can't post a 
reply, can only read.  Have to change the group to normal 119 with no 
certificate or SSL in order to post reply.  This is working in Outhouse 

3.  Cannot set up the 'same' mail account to use different SMTP outgoing 
servers.  This is working in Outhouse Express by setting up the 'same' 
account multiple times.  I see I can change the server manually on the SM 
account before I use it, but since I connect with different servers 
frequently, this is a bit of a PITA.

4.  Some dialog boxes are too tall for screen resolution and are not 
scrollable, can't reach the OK/Cancel buttons and/or can't reach top of the 
dialog.  (One of my PC's is a 10" netbook, the maximum screen resolution is 
1024 x 600 and even after changing my taskbar's height to smallest and 
properties to autohide, I still can barely drag the dialogs up off the 
screen enough to reach the buttons.)

5.  Some dialogs (e.g. compose) do not allow customizing the toolbar like 
the other dialogs and screens.  I prefer small icons with text at right, as 
this maximizes the amount of vertical real-estate available especially on my 
netbook.  Would like that to be available for all toolbars on all dialogs.

Help and guidance on how to proceed with each of these items is appreciated, 
Sue Morton

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