stan wrote:
I am starting a new thread as I am unable to display any threads where all posts have been read because I cannot see the View menu.

Here are pictures of the mail/news screen and the browser screen. (I think these will work. I had to enter them manually, couldn't copy and paste.)

On the mail/news screen I can operate pretty well except for missing menu items. I am able to read and write mail and news.

On the browser screen, it is much worse. There are missing menu items. Clicking on personal menu items and bookmarks does not work at all.

By the way, I had this problem before (I think it was installing 1.1.17 but I switched profiles and then back to my original and the problem went away. This does not work now.

Programs external to SeaMonkey work fine.

I am using Vista Home Premium or whatever it is called on a 64 bit Acer computer.

Any help will be very appreciated as I am pretty much out of business although I guess I can switch to IE which works.


One more thing: If I close mail/news or browser, I cannot open them again. I have to uninstall and reinstall 1.1.18 to get them open again.
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