Jens Hatlak wrote:
On 9/5/2009 3:33 PM stan wrote:
Here are pictures of the mail/news screen and the browser screen. (I think these will work. I had to enter them manually, couldn't copy and paste.)

Looks like an extension is missing. Some extensions need to be installed into the application directory. After an update they're gone which breaks the UI. Here are your options to try (make backups as needed):
* create a new profile and check if that one works (mostly for verification)
* install the missing extension(s) if you remember those
* delete XUL.mfasl (located in your profile folder)
* delete/rename chrome.rdf (located in the chrome folder inside your profile folder)
* delete/rename the whole chrome folder inside your profile



I have tried creating another profile and partly messed things up worse by having some things in each profile but not both (like mail and address book).

1. I am unable to shutdown SM and then start it up again. I usually have to delete the SM entry in the processes first and then shut down SM. When I try to invoke SM, I either get nothing or sometimes the small SM window that announces SM. This window just hangs there. This one is really show stopper.

If I uninstall SM (after removing it from the process list) and then reinstall SM, it starts normally. The original user/profile windows are now is OK except for where I moved stuff to a new profile. The new profile I created now has the extra stuff in the window.

I think if I could get the damn thing to restart, I might be able to put one profile together that works. That however is no assurance that next time I upgrade to a new version of SM, I will likely have the sane problems again.

Is it possible to wipe out all traces of SM (except filing away things like bookmarks, received mail, address book etc in some place unconnected to SM). Then maybe I could install SM and see if it works and will restart. Then I could add in the files for bookmarks etc.
Any directions from how to completely wipe out  traces of SM?

I've been a faithful user since Netscape in 1997 but this one unnerves me.

Thanks for any help.

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