stan wrote:
Jens Hatlak wrote:
Looks like an extension is missing. Some extensions need to be installed into the application directory. After an update they're gone which breaks the UI. Here are your options to try (make backups as needed): * create a new profile and check if that one works (mostly for verification)
* install the missing extension(s) if you remember those
* delete XUL.mfasl (located in your profile folder)
* delete/rename chrome.rdf (located in the chrome folder inside your profile folder)
* delete/rename the whole chrome folder inside your profile

The new profile works. Does it now make sense to copy relevant folders et al from my old profile to the new one?

No. As I wrote this step was mainly to verify that that would fix the problem. Please try the other options I provided (I had something in mind when I wrote this...).



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