On 9/25/2009 6:36 AM, Benoit Renard wrote:
> The front page redesign is bad.
> -It disabled my horizontal scroll bar even though there is some content 
> that overflows my viewport.
> -Users with JavaScript disabled should see the entire in-page list as 
> they can't scroll through it.
> -Why limit the list based on resolution in the first place? Text is 
> supposed to resize along with the resolution after all. Just show the 
> whole list, or decide on a number of items to show by default instead of 
> some silly dynamic method that depends on resolution.
> Funnily enough, at 640x480 it shows the entire list. :)

At 800x600, I see only Firefox as 1 of 6.  And yes, the page is wider
than my window and has no horizontal scroll bar.  Also, the page
continues downloading and rendering well after the status bar says "Done".

I think I might submit another Bugzilla report.  I already reported a
different error:  Section numbers for the policy on adding certificates
to the NSS store were changed to bullets.  This was a very serious error
since discussions about individual requests to add certificates very
often cited specific sections in the policy by number.  This problem was
fixed, but the fix apparently created even another problem.

David E. Ross

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