On 09/25/2009 04:34 AM, Robert Kaiser wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> Perhaps some of the SeaMonkey folks in power positions can put a little
>> pressure on webmas...@mozilla.org to resize the "Our Projects" box to
>> ensure that SeaMonkey is present on *all* screensizes?
> No. I'm part of the mozilla.org driving team, and it's not the intended 
> purpose of the mozilla.org website to point to all Mozilla projects all 
> the time.
> I agree that it would be nice if SeaMonkey was featured prominently in 
> all resolutions all the time, but after all, that's not what the site is 
> for. It's a portal to everything Mozilla, and a home for official 
> documents about the whole community - and SeaMonkey is only a small part 
> of this community after all.

But, but, but... the former mozilla.org page showed the links to
SeaMonkey nicely :-) Given that SeaMonkey is 'combined
Thunderbird/Firefox' solution (yes I know that may not be a proper
description, but I expect you know what I mean), and always seemingly
the red headed stepchild in the group, it would be nice to have the box
resized to include SeaMonkey in the 'Our Projects' box.

Also, as others have mentioned (and I have tested), turning off
javascript does show SeaMonkey in the box.

> We are features well on the "Our Projects" page itself, and we appear on 
> the front page if the screen is large enough (the first versions had us 
> not even showing up at 1280px width, which I got them to correct as 
> space could fit that easily) and when the user scrolls the projects with 
> the arrows. That's the most we can do.

Understood. Any objections to "politely" sending feedback to
webmas...@mozilla.org asking that the page box be modified to include
SeaMonkey? Or would that simply be stiring an already boiling pot?

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