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Is anyone else having problems with Google Maps' - graphic to zoom out of map 
area view? I noticed in both Mozilla's SeaMonkey
v1.1.18 and Firefox v2.0.0.20 on two updated Windows XP Pro. machines. It 
worked in fine in the past and in Internet Explorer

Yes! Same problem here on multiple machines with SM 1.1.18, but it works  
correctly with IE8. You can still zoom out by moving
the slider down, but clicking on the "-" button at the bottom hasn't been 
working for weeks.

Same problem recently on SM 1.1.10

Just out of curiosity, I downloaded and installed Seamonkey 1.1.18 and 
proceeded to log onto Google Maps. I made no changes to
Seamonkey's default Options before bringing up the Google Maps web site.

First off, I received a message that "my web browser was not supported by Google 

After browsing through the "common problems" blurbs, I then went back to the 
main page and entered some search terms. The
following URL was generated:


On this page, the Zoom function wasn't displayed in graphics format but instead 
was displayed as a graduated number format; using
this the Zoom functions worked.

Just thought I'd pass this tid-bit along as I would imagine that it can 
probably be tweaked/loggled on somewhere in the SM
settings for users that are experiencing buglets with the graphical version.

Make sure that  Java is turned  on  for  Street  view and  for Zoom to work.
(and if you test  with  JavaScript and/or  Java turned off, don't forget to turn
the turn them back on after testing).

It appears that the  output=html   created the text like graduated zoom column.

If the above is reduced to 
do those that are having trouble with zoom still have a problem.   I can zoom 
with the
mouse wheel and the normal zoom control changes accordingly.

The street view can now show the street view  on split  above, and the map 
When I moved the street view icon (man) to street suddenly the window went black
with the map in lower right corner, then expanded upper left of small map and
back to street view again but as described with split  (very nice).    And if 
you click in
the lower  right corner you change more things.   Really get to zoom in on 
street view
in Vancouver.


Depending which side of the street you start from, you can almost read the 
billboards on the
bus,  and the billboard on the back has a face and it is blurred because if 
looks like a face,  but so too is some of the wording on
the bus side billboard.   Some of the signs and prices on newsstand in front of 
store are readable.   Can't read the book covers.

No problem here.   All features I see in Firefox 3.5.3   work with Firefox    Using  Vista Home Basic.    Perhaps you are
not blocking  some things in Google or blocking the wrong things.
Adblock Plus is turned off at the status bar,  so basically probably only the 
hosts file is active.
I'm  not signed into  Google on either  profile.    No problems either   with 
an almost  untouched
profile  in  Firefox3.5.3  either (but it's getting  boring now, since there 
are no differences, same kid on the bicycle).
JavaScript is always turned on,  if I turn if off still works, but get the text 
like zoom column.   If  Java is turned of  Street
view and  Zoom do not work.

Maybe I misunderstand  "zoom out of the map area view"   thought at first it 
was just  zoom, but also checked the navigation aid
above the zoom control, and that works as well.   Zoom control slider and + and 
- above/below slider works.    I just use drag
mouse,  and use  arrow keys normally.    Buttons at  of map all work.

David McRitchie,   extensions I use are briefly documented on my site
Firefox Custom:  http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/firefox/firefox.htm

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